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We want you to get the most out of your lawn irrigation system. That is why we’ve recorded several “How To” videos to help you navigate your new controller. From setting the rain sensor to changing the battery, the videos below are only part of the reason why we’re not like other lawn irrigation companies in southern NJ.

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Set Current Date and Time

How to set the current date and time on your timer.

Set Program Start Times

How to set the start time for your entire sprinkler system.

Set Station Run Times

How to set the amount of time each individual station/zone waters.

Set Days to Water: Day of the Week

How to set your timer to water on individual days of the week (Monday through Sunday).

Set Days to Water: Odd or Even Days

How to set your timer to water on odd or even days. This setting is helpful when adhering to water use restrictions.

Set Days to Water: Odd or Even Days Pre-2013 Pro C’s

FOR HUNTER PRO-C TIMERS MANUFACTURED BEFORE 2013. How to set your timer to water on odd or even days. This setting is helpful when adhering to water use restrictions.

Set Days to Water: Interval Watering

How to set your timer to water by intervals, regardless of the day or date. Using this setting, for example, you can set your sprinkler system to water once every 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, etc.

Manual Start Single Station/Zone

How to manually run a single zone or station of your sprinkler system. This setting does not alter your programmed run times in any way. Rather, it allows a single extra watering of a selected zone.

Manual Start Entire System

This feature allows you to manually run your entire sprinkler system, but does not alter your regular programming in any way. Useful when you want to check the system, or when you want one extra watering of your lawn and garden beds.

Set Pump Operation

This setting is for those who have a dedicated irrigation well for their sprinkler system. It is used to turn on the pump for each zone used by the system.

Seasonal Adjustment

This setting allows you to increase or decrease the watering time of the entire system by a percentage. This feature is useful during hot dry spells when your lawn and garden beds could use more water than usual, or during rainy periods when they could use less.

Rain Sensor Bypass

This switch enables you to bypass your system’s rain sensor, and allows the system to water even when it has rained.

Battery Back-Up

How to locate and change your timer’s 9V battery backup.